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Whova Conference Platform

IAMO Forum 2021 is a fully virtual event hosted on the Whova platform.

Whova provides conference participants with access to the conference agenda, session live streams, Orga Team announcements and numerous interactive features such as connecting to other individual and group participants.

Conference sessions will be set up using Zoom Webinar Tool and integrated into conference agenda on the Whova platform. Session access is only possible on our Whova conference platform.

Check Data Protection Policies of Whova and Zoom here.

How to access IAMO Forum 2021 conference space on Whova

Step 1. Conference registration

Register for the Forum until June 3, 2021 in ConfTool under the link.

Please note: it might take a few days for us to process your registration and give you access to the Whova platform. You will be notified per e-mail once we transfer your participant data to Whova.

Step 2. Sign up for / download Whova

Web App:  Sign up to create your account on Whova  here. Enter the same e-mail address that you used to register for the Forum and create a password. We strongly recommend that you use Google Chrome browser for the Whova Web App due to possible compatibility issues with other browsers.

Mobile App: Download Whova Mobile App from Apple Store or Google Play here, then sign up by entering the same e-mail address that you used to register for the Forum and create a password. Note: Not all features to maximize engagement are available outside of the mobile app.

Step 3. Create your profile

Once you have entered the conference space via Whova, build up your attendee profile and personal conference agenda. Many networking features are already available before conference start!

Ways to engage using Whova

  • Messages and video calls. You can send private messages to other attendees and make one-to-one video calls. Go to the Attendee List, select the person you want to approach and tap “Send message”. For video calls, you will need to send a request first.
  • Virtual meet-ups. This feature allows any attendee to organize own virtual meet-ups or join the existing ones. Go to Community Board, open the board for Meet-Ups & Virtual Meets, and tap “Suggest a meet”. To join the existing virtual meet-ups available on Community Board, select the meet-up you are interested in and click “Join” or “RSVP” (both options possible for mobile app and web app). The meet-ups on Whova are open for all attendees and allow up to 30 persons.
  • Open Discussions. You can start an open discussion by creating your own social group or conversation topic. Go to Community Board and click “Add a Topic or Social Group”. In addition, you can join any existing social groups or conversations available on Community Board. Just follow the group of your interest, and you will get notifications for all new messages from other followers.
  • Network Tables. This feature places attendees in shuffling video-chats of four persons giving a great opportunity to break the ice and develop new networks during the IAMO Forum 2021. We have scheduled two 30-minute Network Tables for the breaks during the Forum. Check the conference agenda for more details.

While participating in live interactive activities like virtual meet-ups, video calls, Network Tables or Q&A during Forum’s sessions etc., make sure you are in a quiet place and use a headset to avoid distracting background noise.

We strongly recommend that you check Whova Attendee User Guide for more information about the interactive features available on Whova.